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TNC Combine Steps

TNC Combine Steps John Deere 9000 Series

TNC Combine Steps John Deere 9000 Series

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TNC Combine Steps for your 9000 series combine. 


-Easy access combine steps. 

-Our step system replace the straight up and down stock ladder on your 9000 series combine for easier entry and exit of your combine cab.  Each step has a rise of 8.5''.  First step from ground varies pending combine and tire size from 8'' to 11''.

-This step kit is a direct bolt on kit and is powered by 12v power.  You will need to connect the positive and negative wire to a 12v power source on your combine.   (power draw is 6 amps)  These steps will be supplied with 10' of 12ga wire, pending the 12v power source of your choosing you may add wire length at your discretion.

- Steps fold up and out of the way while in the cab to to provide clearance for headers,stalks and mud.

- All stock platform pivot points are used to swing steps out of the way for row clearance and maintenance on your combine.

*Steps are to be in the up position while combine is in motion- if steps are in down position while combine is in motion damage to steps can occur.*

- Installation time- 1.5 -3 hours

NO CUTTING, WELDING,GRINDING, or DRILLING.  These steps are a direct bolt on system using factory mounting holes in your stock platform.

- Steps are designed for combine operator to face forward while ascending and descending combine cab.


- Simply climb the steps, flip toggle switch to the up position (located on top left handrail) and enter cab.  Steps will automatically stop in the up position. To descend steps flip the toggle switch to the down position (steps will automatically stop in the down position.) (16 seconds for stairs to go from up to down position.) and proceed with descending steps once they have completed their revolution to the down position.  


9400, 9410, 9500, 9510, 9600, 9610




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